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Celine Bags Handbags Purse Luggage tote Online Sale


CELINE since its inception in 1945,celine bag has been excellent quality and exquisite style synonymous. Its production of clothing, handbags, shoes, gloves and other products, in terms of accessories to the design, production, or selection, are very rich in refined, emphasizing the harmony between and clothing with sex. Over the years, CELINE elegant interpretation of women continues to create fashion, while continuing to express through the introduction of new designs for cultural and sports fashion concern, CELINE represents a new way of life.

Celine was founded originally a children's shoe manufacturer,celine handbags was known for a unique product in a comfortable, very pragmatic and practical. 1969 was a turning point in the development of Celine. Celine launch fashion line, and the creation of a "high fashion sportswear" new concept, blockbuster, to great acclaim.

To find a luxury and extravagance practical base, celine luggage tote can. From the 1940s to the 1990s by the creation of the brand MICHAEL KORS helm design, regardless of how the trend changes, practical, has been the motto of CELINE. CELINE clothing gorgeous and practical, the texture of a single product itself meet the "leisure gorgeous" This seemingly contradictory style, while its leather goods and accessories from purses, shoes to tie scarves in luxury on the basis of outstanding pragmatism.

1. "C" logo and chain pattern has been celine purse brand's classic pattern, the pattern in the leather of leather or metal buckle and scarves, neckties weave pattern can be seen on both, but you can easily help us to identification LOGO.

2. "Single-seat chariot" mark is celine boston bag harness as delicate as a symbol of quality, often the leather and shoe on a metal decoration.


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