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Cheap Monster Beats By Dre Studio Headphones Online sale


Beats today announced the next generation of Beats Studio headphones, a new generation of improved product appearance headphones and the built-in lithium battery provides longer battery life.

While the Beats headphones headphone enthusiasts in the super is not very popular because of the high price of the headset, and bass exaggerated, some picky audiophiles also believes Beats headphones pretty difficult to use. For professionals, Beats headphones headset may not be the best, but the average user is very popular.

It is understood that a new generation of Beats Studio headphones use a technology called Beats Acoustic Engine DSP software to provide more powerful musical performance, but exaggerated bass performance problem still exists. Many audiophiles believe that the best way to get an accurate sound is to have quality-driven, rather than using the DSP alternative soundtrack.

Beats Studio headphones have two kinds of noise reduction mode, music mode noise reduction is conducive to enhance audio quality. In addition, when the user does not want to listen to music but isolated from external noise, it can open another special mode muffler noise removal.

Beats Studio headphones built-in rechargeable battery life of 20 hours, the battery can be charged via microUSB. The headset looks beautiful as always, the overall look is clean and simple, do not see any cables or screws, lighter weight than the previous generation by 13%.


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